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gdi samantha
1-You're stranded on a dessert island of your dreams, what is it made of and why?
strawberry short cake
after having something sweet like cake for too long it would be nice to have strawberries to help wash out the sickly sweet left in my mouth
2-You're granted your perfect pet, you can control 3 traits, body, sound, and behavior... what animals would you mix?
ferret behavior, cockatoo sounds (so it could talk) aaaand
horse body so i can ride it HEHEHEHE
oh god
what monstrosity have i created
.....i got an idea for this to draw now hehehe.....
3-I'll assume everyone reading this is an artist, what brought you to DA and what do you like most about it?
i was googling stuf and found it i think? idk really maybe :iconratbagwave: showed me it i dont remember
4-One of my drawings knocks on your door, who is it and why did you call them?
any of gonzalo bc damn son that facial hair
mmm fancy beards
5-What are 3 of the reasons you draw the way you do?
bc im a lil shit who doesnt know how to draw
i only draw in my spare time and thats not super often
i also really dont like drawing humans so idraw them really badly? i like animals more
hhhh i dont color bc im lazy
6-What's one thing you dislike about MONKEY (ME)? (MUST ANSWER hehe)
ur a lil shit who tagged me
jk um
i dont like that youre about the same height as me (i think??? i grew a lil bit and havent seen you in a while </3)
7-What's one thing you like about MONKEY (ME)?
u got a purdy mouth
8-What's are three things you've come to love about your style and why?
i dont like my style that much since im stll trying new things
i guess i like that when i do color its "painterly" almost? idk man
9-If you could send one of your characters to play with me who would it be and why?
i dont really have that many characters
id probably sed my weird eel dude since you probably like reptles right? hey where are you going he just wants to play. with your intestines.
10-Ok... Last question... What is something you want to tell yourself 10 years into the future? Use this question to say something to your future self.
you better just keep pushing on man i dont even care how hard it gets your dad did not work his ass of for you only for you to give it all up. keep your head up dumbass

yeah not many people watch me so no tags


United States



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